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End of the year wrap up! Bring on 2023!!

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! From my house to yours, I hope you're having a wonderful holiday season!

It’s hard to believe that this year is almost over. I can honestly say I have no hard feelings letting go of 2022. It was a year of grief, healing, change, and acceptance. Through each trial and tribulation, I’m grateful for the knowledge and experience it has given me. I firmly believe that what doesn’t break us will only make us stronger. I wrote the passage below nearly ten years ago without really knowing how much those words would come to mean to me now. I can only hope that it’s helped the readers who’ve given the Secrets and Lies series a chance as much as it has for me.

“I’ve come to realize life is sometimes an upward battle, but it will get better. The way you survive the shittier times is by accepting that the trials and tribulations you’re going through today are preparing you for something down the road that might be twice as challenging. It also teaches you to have a greater appreciation for all the good things that happen in between.” ~ Concealed, Chapter 18

I’m so fortunate to have an amazing support system. I can always count on my friends and family to rally around one another during the hardest of times. This past year had a different layer of emotions that only come with the loss of a loved one. It’s hard to believe a year has passed since we lost Aaron. I think the only thing you can really count on when you lose someone close to you is that everything you once knew is over. Life moves on but it does so in such a different manner. The routines we have shift and a new normal sets in.

I have to take a moment to give a shout out and ooze a little pride in a young man who has more than earned it. My godson, Jakob, had an incredible year as the starting quarterback of his football team. Not only did they make it to the championship game, but he ended the season with the most passing yards and touchdowns in the entire state of Minnesota. Even though they didn’t win that final game, they gave it their all and got to experience something that very few athletes ever get to in high school sports. Second in state is pretty darn amazing. Jakob and all of the Tigers have so much to be proud of this season. Watching them play brightened my days in more ways than I can possibly express. Baseball is Jakob’s number one sport and I can’t wait for the snow to melt so that the season can start. Something tells me he’s going to make his baseball season this year just as interesting as his football one.

I’ve shared a lot of updates on the personal front. I did so to highlight some of the reasons why I’ve chosen to step back from my author life. If writing was my only job and I could survive off it, it’d be a different story. The truth is I juggle four jobs outside of writing. I do my best at all of them and to support my family. With my dad’s quintuplet heart bypass surgery, my focus shifted to ensure that my parents have the best care they need. When it comes to family, there is no choice with me. Ranging from rides or an ear to listen, that will always come before a window to sit down and write.

I’m going into 2023 with an open slate. I’m not committing to anything. Taming J is 100% done and ready to go. I’m just not ready to release it yet. That’s a whole world of stress that I have to be prepared to handle outside of my full time work and I’m definitely not there. What I’m hoping for is that inspiration and flow will come back to me so that I won’t have any choice but to write. The stories are there. Life just hasn’t given me much time to work with them the way I want to. All I can tell you is to remain active in my reading group or on my author page. Announcements will be posted in each place as I have them.

I will be attending three signings in 2023. It's been several years since I've attended one. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time. I hope to have the rough draft of Saving Us done before I attend my first one in May. You can find the details on all three signings below.

First up will be Motorcycles, Mobsters and Mayhem in May of 2023. I'm thrilled to be able to jump on a plane again to attend these events. I've really missed them over the past few years and truly enjoy interacting with readers everywhere. It's also a lot of fun to do a little mini-vacation while I'm away at a signing as well and I'm in dire need a few of those, so 2023 can't come fast enough. First up in 2023 will be Motorcycles, Mobsters, and Mayhem on May 20th at Lake Conroe in North Houston, TX. I've seen the location and it is amazing! You can learn more about the event and the authors attending by joining the Facebook group for the event -->

The next event is Books and All that Jazz on June 24th in Cleveland, OH. It will be held at the historic Renaissance Hotel. I really can't wait for this one because I hope to take a mini vacation with my bestie's kiddos and head to Cedar Point after the signing. It's a bucket list destination and I love scratching new ones off when I can. I'd love to explore plenty of Cleveland before we hit the road. I'm a huge fan of going to new places and absorbing as much of the locale and culture that I possibly can. I also love catching a good game at the ballpark. It's a goal of mine to attend a game at every baseball stadium in the US and this would be a perfect opportunity to scratch off a few! But first and foremost, be sure to grab your tickets to the event! All of the details can be found here -->

The last one of the year is All Shook up in Graceland will be on October 23rd in Graceland, TN. I cannot wait for this one. I've always wanted to visit Graceland and really want to get back to Nashville as well, so this is another signing that I'll happily extend for a few more days. Who am I kidding? I'll end up doing it in Texas too! I'm overdue for some vacations and 2023 is shaping up to be the year. For more information on this event and to obtain tickets head here -->

The year is ending on a high note. The production for the audiobook for Complicated has been completed! I'm so excited to have reached this milestone. It's been a frustrating journey to say the least to get the Secrets and Lies series on audio, but so happy I stuck with it. I’m in the process of listening to each chapter and hope to sign off on any changes needed by the end of January. It is my goal to have the same narrator take on Concealed. Production for that book will be completed by the same narrator. Once I finish listening to all the files for Complicated, I'll be extending an offer. She has done an amazing job of capturing all aspects of Mia and Ethan. With them being complex characters, I couldn’t be more pleased with what she’s done with Complicated and can’t wait to share this audiobook with all of you. Stay tuned for release dates on it and the production status of Concealed. If you haven’t picked up Conflicted on audio, you can do so here →

I’ve got giveaways running to celebrate Christmas so be sure to check them out for a chance to win. If you miss a chance to enter the giveaways, check out the online store. There are some fun bundles that are specific to the characters. You can also get signed copies of all the books in paperback and hardcover from there along with a lot of other goodies!

The Someday Series AND Secrets and Lies Series Box are still ON SALE for $0.99! Read TWO page turning series for under $10! They’ll go back to their regular prices on New Year’s Day. If you haven’t picked up either series yet, now is the time. Winter is here and there’s nothing better to do than settle in with a good book series. Give Bri, Trey, Mia and Ethan a chance! You won’t regret it!

What readers are saying about Fighting for Someday -->

"The way it is written makes it addictive. The writer captures your interest. There’s a progression to these star-crossed lovers and their friends." ~ Amazon Reviewer


Fighting for Someday (Someday Series #1)-->

Waiting for Someday (Someday Series #2) -->

Finding Our Someday (Someday Series #3) -->

What readers are saying about the Secrets and Lies Box Set-->

“A crazy, wild roller-coaster ride packed with jaw dropping twists & turns and all the feels… exceptionally written with an outstanding story line” - Cushin Violeta's Bookish Realm


As always, thank you for taking the time to read and your continued support. I wish nothing but happiness for you and your family as you roll into the new year!


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