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Another week come and gone!

Labor Day has come and gone in the US and I can't help but find this quote by Gandhi very fitting for it. Unless you're born with a silver platter, you're part of the working class, and there really is nothing better than serving others in the line of work that falls in line with your personal goals as well as your professional ones. I'm lucky enough to be in a position that I'm passionate about that allows me to service others and helps me chase my dreams outside of work. Long story short, do what makes you happy at all times. Life's too short to settle for anything less than what makes your soul happy!

Speaking of making your soul happy. I worked hard and played hard over the three day weekend. I managed to get in a short round of golf at my favorite golf course, which just happens to be in the same city as I live. I hope to get a few more rounds in before the snow flies. The shot above doesn't do the course any justice. I had a killer few holes and landed feet away from the hole for the first time ever on a par 4. That never happens to me!

I'm sure I've mentioned this plenty of times in the past, but here I go again. I'm a HUGE Marvel fan. I was so stoked to have a new movie to watch this past weekend in the theaters. A big shout out to Lyric 3 theaters in New Ulm. The seating there is fantastic. With seats that recline all the way back that come with a tray table, you really can't ask for much more while enjoying a movie. I'll definitely be going back there to catch The Eternals and Spiderman No Way Home in the coming months, but first here are my thoughts on Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

I really didn't know what to expect with this one. It was the first movie that I didn't really follow a lot of updates on leading up to the release. I had the date marked down to watch, but that was about it. I can honestly say I was VERY happy with how well the movie was done and how it has already made it's mark on the Marvel Universe. It had the perfect combination of action, drama, and comedy that I've come to expect and love with my Marvel movies. I thought it tied in perfectly with what has already been established and gave me a lot of questions to think about until The Eternals is out. If you haven't caught this movie yet, I highly recommend it! Until then, do what Shaun and Katy would do and sing your heart away at a karaoke bar!

Fall brings on the change of colors and temperatures, but the biggest of them all is the return of football! I'm a huge football fan and love playing fantasy football with my close friends and family. It puts me in front of the TV all day on Sunday to catch as many games as I can and see how my fantasy team performs as well as my good old Vikings. With the Vikes, you never know what to expect on Sunday, so there is always a reason to tune in and watch until the final second ticks away. Hopefully, we can make a playoff run this year. We've had our struggles over the past few years and it would be awesome to see them back in the chase. Here's to hoping!

Conflicted will have its review tour from September 12th - September 25th with Kylie's Fiction Addiction. Starting today, it will be FREE until the end of the month. If you haven't picked up Ethan and Mia's story yet, I highly recommend it. They will give you all the feels and prepare you for the ride you'll go on in Taming J.

Taming J is going off to Alexis at Sweetheart Author Services later this month for a professional beta read. I'm highly confident she'll be able to help me trim down the word count and make some other critical decisions as far as the content and flow is concerned before I send it off to my editor. When I'm not looking over her notes and doing self-editing on that book, I'm trying to squeeze in as many words as I can on Saving Us. All I can say is there honestly isn't enough hours in a day!

Last but not least, I've gotten an opportunity to listen to the checkpoint for Complicated. I don't want to give too much away, but I will say that you guys will be blown away with how awesome Kodi is narrating the Secrets and Lies series. I'm growing antsier for each tidbit I can get my hands on and can't wait to be able to listen to the full audiobook for Conflicted by the end of this month. Things are definitely coming together as the year winds down!

That's all for now! Stay tuned for more updates in the weeks to come!


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