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Football season has arrived!!

Where are my football fans? Are you as stoked as I am that the regular season is now in full swing? Over the past few years, I’ve been part of a fantasy league with my bestie’s family. It’s gotten me to follow a lot more players and teams, which is a good thing when you’re a Minnesota Viking fan. They will always be my team in my heart, but there are Sundays where I have a love/hate relationship with them. Here’s to hoping that this season is one of our better ones!

As noted in last month’s blog, I’m finally settled into my new home. I cannot tell you how happy I am in this new house. My boys and I are finally feeling way more settled and loving the ample amount of room that this new house has to offer. I’ve had a blast decorating it with some new furniture and decor and spending a ton of time watching my boys chase the ball around our huge yard.

I’m so stoked to report that all the edits from Monica at Word Nerd Editing have been reviewed and I’ve made a few necessary tweaks. I love this stage of the process because I’ll begin formatting the various versions for it and it’s always exciting to hold the paperback and hardcover in my hands. I hoped to have more time this month to write, but that didn’t end up being the case. I am back at it though and would love to be able to put down a chapter a day. I’ll be satisfied if I can get a quarter of a chapter done.

I didn’t have as much time as I wanted to at the beginning of the month to work on edits and write due to an unplanned surgery for my beloved dog Marley. Surgery was successful and the vet removed what ended up being a low grade cancerous tumor from his back. It took the first half of the month for him to heal, which was hard to do with Max around. He’s still very much a puppy and had a hard time understanding Marley couldn’t really move around that much. Now that he’s back to his playful self and my stress level is a lot lower than it has been in the last year, I’m able to give Saving Us and the characters the attention they more than deserve for this finale. It’s going to be an epic one!

Audio offers have been accepted for Fighting for Someday and Complicated. Elle Sheridan has agreed to narrate Fighting for Someday. I’ve listened to the checkpoint and it really hits the mark with the characters. I have the utmost confidence she will do Bri and Trey’s story the justice it deserves.

Chantelle Theocharidis has agreed to narrate Complicated. Her audition was unbelievably awesome. She really connected with Mia’s personality and was also able to capture Ethan’s characteristics in a way that no other narrator has been able to do. Her checkpoint was out of this world and I can’t wait until I have the full audio to listen to.

Both narrators will be turning those files over by the end of November. Once they are finished and out in the world, I’ll work on securing offers for Waiting for Someday, Finding Our Someday, and Concealed. It’s so exciting to finally have progress on this front again and I cannot wait until both series are done and live!

Be sure to check out the online store or my Facebook Group. There are some fun bundles that are specific to the characters. I plan on doing some giveaways for them during the holidays, but they are always available for purchase in the store if you want to have a piece of Jackson before everyone else does. You can also get signed copies of all the books in paperback and hardcover from there along with a lot of other goodies!

It’s celebration time. Concealed has a publiversary today! To celebrate seven years of Concealed, I want to give away a signed hardcover of it and a $10 Amazon GC. To enter, head on over to my Facebook group and share your favorite scene from Concealed and why it resonated with you the way that it did. I have a bittersweet relationship with that book. It was so hard for me to write because of the deadlines I was on and the intensity of Mia and Ethan’s journey. Many lessons were learned while writing and releasing it, but the final product is something I’ll always be very happy and proud of. Those two will always have a special place in my heart!

I’ll pick a winner on October 7th. To find out if you’re a winner, be sure to pop into my Facebook group that day to find out if you won. Thank you for taking the time to read and your continued support.


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