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It's Hotter than Hades!

I'm sure I'll look back on this post in December when it's -20 and kick myself for even saying anything about how hot it is right now, but seriously, it feels like we are at the entrance of hell for how warm it has been for the last week. In Minnesota, we're not used to seeing consistent 95 degree days this early in the year. We're used to that weather at the end of July and August, but Mother Nature has a different plan for us this summer. I think to keep the dogs cool I'll be investing in a kiddie pool for them to play in. I'll be sure to take pictures and videos, because I'm sure Max will have some priceless moments.

This conversation came up in my reader group ( the other day, but I thought I'd post it here as well. Personally, I'm a fan of hardbacks for books that I get signed by authors that I won't likely read because they're more a collectible to me. I've found though that most authors don't print their books in hardcover, or if they do print them, it's a very limited amount and time. Sound off below and let me know what you're preference is on that front. I'm researching for my own books to see if it is even worth giving a shot, but always appreciate the feedback.

I'll probably be sharing this in every blog this month, but I like putting it out there for people who don't use social media to keep up on sales. For the month of June, Fighting for Someday and Conflicted are FREE! Waiting for Someday, Complicated, and Concealed are on sale for $0.99. Finding Our Someday has been reduced to $2.99. After this month, all six books will go back to their original prices for the foreseeable future, so I encourage everyone to take advantage of this major sale, especially the free books. I'm always playing with the prices, but I can promise you I don't foresee putting any of them back out there for free for the reminder of this year.

Taming J will be finished this month and sent off to my critique partner and betas to read. I don't put a hard deadline on them to complete their reading, especially during the summer, as I'm a firm believer in family first and making sure you take time for you. I'm excited to be done with this book. It's been a long time and is special to me in a lot of ways because of how much time I've spent on it.

Another thing coming soon will be revamped teasers for the Secrets and Lies series. I've learned a lot since the originals were created and have shortened some, eliminated some, and selected new lines altogether to share. I work with Jennifer at Greeff-iti Designs ( and she does amazing work on my teasers and swag designs. She's very patient and works on a design until it's perfect. She's also a very talented cover designer, so you should definitely check her out for your design needs! If you need even more motivation, check out all the teasers and collages in my media gallery. Jennifer created 98% of them. The collages that are not up to par would be the ones I made.

I saved the very best for last. My godson has been having a hell of a first season on varsity this year. Some of my deadlines have been pushed because I like being able to watch him play football and baseball. He loves both of them and in just so incredible to watch. From diving catches to a mean curveball on the mound, he never ceases to impress. Right now, his team is one game away from state. If you all could send good luck vibes to the Tigers, that would be really awesome!

That's all for now! Stay cool wherever you're at in the world!


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