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Last Call for Free Books!

It's hard to believe that this month is coming to a close! It honestly went by in the blink of an eye. I always felt that time moved so slow when I was a child, but as an adult, it moves way too fast. I find myself wishing more and more for a pause button to take a beat to enjoy every moment just a little bit longer. If only we lived in the world of Click! I was on the ill side this past week, so this will be one of my shorter blogs, but rest assured that I'm coming back with vengeance with things in progress.

This is just a friendly reminder that this is the LAST weekend that you will be able to get Conflicted and Fighting for Someday for FREE! It is the last weekend that Complicated, Concealed, Waiting for Someday, and Finding Our Someday will be on sale as well. On July 1st, all books will go back to their original pricing. If you haven't grabbed them yet or know someone who might enjoy them, I encourage you to get your one-click on this weekend!

I have narrowed down my narrators for audio to the final five. My goal is to have an offer on the table by June 30th, so that production can begin by the end of July. Ideally, I'd like to release the Secrets and Lies box set and audiobooks at the end of the year. It would be perfect for releasing Taming J in early 2022, which is the TENTATIVE goal at this time. I don't commit to dates until I'm 100% confident that I can achieve them.

As noted in last week's blog, I've figured out how to get hardback editions through Barnes and Noble. I can't seem to get the resize issue fixed on my own, so I'll be reaching out to the designer who made all six covers to see if she can resize them for me. Once I have the correct files in hand, it shouldn't be too hard to get them ordered and on the online store. I don't intend on making them available anywhere else and will do a special sign up for readers in my group and page who are interested in having a signed copy of them. This will also be an option in the online store as well. Hopefully, by the next blog, I'll have links up or at least a firm date of when that will all happen.

In other fun news, teasers for Conflicted, Complicated, and Concealed are going to be spruced up so that they have more of the same feel as the teasers for FFS, WFS, and FOS. I've just received word that they are actively being worked on now, so I hope to have a couple to show everyone next week!

The other exciting news is that I'll be working with my designer to get the paperback cover for Taming J finished. It's been nearly a year since I got the cover for it, which I won't reveal until I book some promotional tours for it. I can say with confidence that Taming J will be released in 2022, but that's about it as far as dates go. Until then, I hope to get some teasers created to get everyone pumped for Jackson and Jenn's book. It's a doozy to say the least!! Check out the blurb below for it!

Bound by an oath to a secret society, Jackson Reid is used to someone else calling the shots. When the love of his life reappears after six years, he’s at odds with himself. So much was left unsaid between them and he’s desperate to get those answers now that their paths are intertwined again. But if he doesn’t do what’s requested of him, his entire world will collapse. Can he really risk letting Jenn get away again?

After leaving the Upper East Side behind her, Jenn Lowell finds herself back in that high society world. No one is making her return easy – least of all her ex-fiancé. She’s determined to get through a career-changing interview and then get the hell out of town, but fate intervenes in very unexpected ways. Jenn runs into the one person she least expected to see – Jackson. He still holds the key to her heart, but he’s also the one that broke it. Can she really give him a second shot with everything she knows now and all the secrets between them?

When high society rules are at play, all is fair in love and war, and the masters of manipulation pulling the strings know it…

To end on a personal note, I'm stoked to be going to a Vikings game with my godson this fall. We're going to be catching one of his favorite teams (Cleveland Browns) play against my team. The seats are probably the best I've ever sat in for a football game. I'm particularly excited to go because I haven't been inside US Bank Stadium since it was built, so this is will be a milestone day all around! Most importantly, it will be fun to spend some quality time with my godson.

That's all for now. I'm still trying to find a damn kiddie pool for the dogs. With the ongoing drought in southern MN, it's been a little bit more challenging than expected, but I'm up for it.

Have a great weekend! Stay cool out there!


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