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Starting the new year off with a bang!

This year has been off to a crazy start. I hope everyone is enjoying it and that the weather has been somewhat bearable wherever you are. In Minnesota, we can have 35 degrees one day and -14 the next, so we're pretty much prepared for anything. That really doesn't stop us from complaining though! It's definitely been a busy one for me on the personal and full-time work front, which hasn't left a lot of time for writing, but I'm slowly finding a way to get it back into my schedule.

I couldn't resist sharing cute shot of my two favorite guys. They've been rolling with the punches in the past month and a half as things have been anything but normal in our household while we all work to find our new normal. Monster Max just started his six week obedience training course this week, so the house is super quiet, and almost foreign to Marley and me. Marley and I are both adjusting to the strange silence that comes without Max in the house. I'm happy to have him in training, but will be excited to have his energy back home. Thankfully, while he is away, I can check in as much as I want and visit when it works, which will likely happen often because I'm THAT dog mom, but I don't care.

ALL of my books are on sale right now for 0.99, including the box set. If you want all the extra goodies that didn’t make the cut for Conflicted, Complicated, and Concealed, I suggest buying it now while it’s ridiculously cheap. You can purchase the box set here ->

Conflicted is now available in audio. I think the post I shared about it might have gotten buried, so I wanted to share again. You can purchase it here - >

Complicated and Concealed on audio should be done VERY soon. It takes roughly around 10 days for Amazon to run their quality control, but once they do, they will automatically go live. Unfortunately, I don’t have control over the pricing, but I do get promo codes for them that I think reduces the prices. I’m very new to the audio world so bear with me while I learn. I’m still working on how I want to distribute the promo codes. It will likely be with the release of the box set on February 14th, so stay tuned.

Hardcover proofs for all books were pushed back by Amazon. They’re supposed to be sent to me February 4th. We will see, though. Amazon and their trickery always keeps me skeptical whenever I see dates. Once I hold them in my hands and confirm everything looks good inside and out, I’ll be hitting the publish button on all of them.

I’ve reached out to my editor to schedule Taming J for editing. I’m still doing one last sweep for little things, but I’m very happy with how it’s turned out in the end. A big thanks to the two beta readers who read it and shared some amazing input. As soon as my editor finds room for me on her schedule, I’ll be sending it off and moving on to preparing it for release the second I finish Saving Us. I am back to writing. It comes in spurts and isn’t a lot and not always on Saving Us, but I’m finally able to focus enough again, which is a huge step for me. I hope with each day that more words come and that before I know it, I’m looking at a completed novel without stressing out about it not being done as much as I have been already.

I'm sure I've forgotten plenty of stuff to share, but that will just make the blog next month all that much more interesting. Thank you to everyone for your continued love and supports!

Stay safe, stay warm, and keep the faith. Most importantly, thank you for your continued support!


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