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Where did the summer go?!

It's been a hot minute since I was able to do a blog post. In my defense, mid-July things got pretty busy for me on the work and personal front and didn't really slow down. The good news is that I've completed the rough draft of Taming J! Read on for more fun updates from the past month and a half.

I can't believe that the last days of summer are here and that Labor Day is right around the corner. How did your summer shape up? The photo below is in my top then moments for the summer. I got to spend a weekend in the Twin Cities with my favorite kids. It was an action-packed affair that included a wood bat baseball tournament, a trip to the Mall of America, a full circle around the metro that reminded me how much I loved living up there, and a full day at Valleyfair. I hope to get back up to the metro again soon. There's always so much to do and just not enough time when I'm there.

Fighting for Someday, Waiting for Someday, and Finding Our Someday have found new readers through their review tours with Kylie's Fiction Addiction. It's been so amazing to see this series finally find their audience and to read just how much people are enjoying Bri and Trey's story. Finding Our Someday is currently on tour and FREE! It will no longer be free after September 4th, so grab it while you can. I won't make it free again for a very long time. Because the Someday series had such a great run, I've opted to put the Secrets and Lies series on a review tour with Kylie's Fiction Addiction as well. Conflicted will have its run from September 12th - September 25th and will also be FREE during that time frame. Once I have dates for Complicated and Concealed, I'll be sure to share in a post and on social media, so stay tuned!

Hardback editions got pushed back until October. My designer will be working on them at the end of September. I threw a lot of work at her in July and wanted to have audio covers for Conflicted, Complicated, and Concealed as well as well as the social media kit and teasers for Taming J back before I had her work on them. Everything is all set on Barnes and Noble for them to be published once I receive the updated cover file. One they're uploaded and ready, I'll be sure to make an announcement of when they will be live for purchase. Personally, I'm looking forward to having the hardback copies of my work. I never really thought that would be something I'd ever do or have.

I struck a deal with Kodi at Redrich, LLC to narrate the Secrets and Lies series. I'm happy to report that Conflicted will be finished by the end of this month. She's done such an amazing job at nailing the emotions for all the characters, especially Mia and Bri. I couldn't have found a better person to share my work and I'm so excited to get them out to the world. It is still a great hope of mine to release the audiobooks on Conflicted, Complicated, and Concealed at the end of this year along with the box set for the series. Firm release will be announced in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

I save the best announcement until the end. The rough draft of Taming J is finally complete. It's been a long time coming and I'm so excited to finally be moving on to the next part of Jackson and Jenn's journey in Saving Us. When I say the draft is rough, I mean it is really rough and I need to do a few self-editing sweeps of it before I book editing. In the mean time, enjoy the collage and check out the synopsis below!

Bound by an oath to a secret society, Jackson Reid is used to someone else calling the shots. When the love of his life reappears after six years, he’s at odds with himself. So much was left unsaid between them and he’s desperate to get those answers now that their paths are intertwined again. But if he doesn’t do what’s requested of him, his entire world will collapse. Can he really risk letting Jenn get away again?

After leaving the Upper East Side behind her, Jenn Lowell finds herself back in that high society world. No one is making her return easy – least of all her ex-fiancé. She’s determined to get through a career-changing interview and then get the hell out of town, but fate intervenes in very unexpected ways. Jenn runs into the one person she least expected to see – Jackson. He still holds the key to her heart, but he’s also the one that broke it. Can she really give him a second shot with everything she knows now and all the secrets between them?

When high society rules are at play, all is fair in love and war, and the masters of manipulation pulling the strings know it…

Have a great rest of your week!


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